Why become a member of the IAED?

  • To become a part of a community of equine dental professionals from all over the world.
  • To gain access to educational opportunities unavailable elsewhere.
  • To receive regular news and information updates from the authoritative equine dental association.
  • To gain exposure to people with experience in the field and accreditation in the field of equine dentistry.
  • To receive the advice of equine dental professionals when their guidance may be helpful.
  • To network and develop relationships with equine dental professionals worldwide.
  • To have the opportunity to attend and annual conference designed to keep all equine dental professionals up-to-date with the latest developments in equine dentistry.
  • To have the backing of an organization with the experience and knowledge gained from regular contact with bodies which govern and influence equine dental practice and practitioners.
  • To have name and contact information listed at our public on-line membership list.
  • As a certified member you can have a direct link from the on-line membership list to your web-site and e-mail.