Certification Information

IAED certification information

The IAED offers a neutral testing ground for members to have their work evaluated within the IAED standards. There are schools to attend and apprentice programs that offer the fundamentals of equine dentistry.

Certification expectations:

The certification candidates will be examined in their knowledge of:

  • Gross anatomy – indentification, location and function of bones, muscles, arteries and veins, nerves and salivary glands
  • Tooth structure
  • Principals of mastication
  • Terminology
  • Aging
  • Dental prophylaxis

The certification candidate will also be expected to identify the dental problems in multiple skulls.

After successfully completing the written examination and skull evaluation the candidate will have the opportunity to perform a full dental procedure under full supervision on a test horse. The work will be evaluated by a examining team of IAED advanced certified members and the candidate must pass this practical section by 80%

To maintain any certification status, members are required to attend at least one continuing education venue every 2 (USA) or 3 years (international).