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We hope you like the new site and find it easy to use. We are still working on the site, so please excuse us if there are any problems and pages that do not work.  We are working as quickly as possible to resolve issues with our web host provider.

Are you looking for an equine dentist in your area? Go to the membership pages and search in the directory. There you will find all IAED members.

Our Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all interested parties in the equine industry.

Our voting members can be practicing technicians and veterinarians whose knowledge, skill and experience range from novice to advanced; clinical practice in the field of equine dentistry may also encompass varying degrees of expertise.

Apprenticeships with experienced certified members are strongly encouraged, as well as formlized instruction prior to or ealy in the commencement of this profession.

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IAED certification information

The IAED offers a neutral testing ground for members to have their work evaluated within the IAED standards. There are schools to attend and apprentice programs that offer the fundamentals of equine dentistry.

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Horse laminitis UPDATE

If you own horses, it is important to know about laminitis and how to recognize the signs. This condition is very dangerous and if not treated correctly can permanently damage a horse or even result in its death.

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Latest members

Trinity Consultants – Horse Health Experts based in the United Kindgom.